GEM Intercollegiate Exhibition Planning



This semester the Guild of Emerging Metalsmiths (GEM) will be planning the GEM Intercollegiate Exhibition to be hosted in the Lewandowski Student Gallery March 3 – 23, 2015.  The intercollegiate exhibition will focus on the contemporary movement in studio craft. This exhibition will include but is not limited to: Ceramics, Sculpture, Fiber, Woodworking, and Metalsmithing.

All students interested in working on this project are invited to attend a brainstorming session Thursday, Sept. 18 at Common Time (11:00 am) in the Jewelry + Metals Studio: Rutledge G20. Please contact Ashley Felder ( with any questions or if you would like to participate but cannot join us on Thursday.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday,

Guild of Emerging Metalsmiths

Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts, Winthrop University

Chair, SNAG Exhibition Planning Committee

Maker + Educator

Cover Design Contest



A new edition of the HMXP Reader is coming and we are looking for new art for the cover.

Any two-dimensional work is acceptable.

Size: 8 1/2” x 11”

Art will be to scale front and back

Consider art related to topics in the Reader:

  • Self and Education       – Self and Community
  • Self and Nature             – Self and the Sacred

Deadline: December 15, 2014

Winner gets $200

Inquiries and submissions to:

Fine Arts Visual Presentations – Heather Freeman



Heather Freeman

Thursday, September 11, 7 p.m.
Rutledge 119

Fine Arts Visual Presentations continue this fall with a lecture/presentation about the work in artistic animation by Heather Freeman on Thursday, Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. in Rutledgre 119. Freeman is an Associate Professor of Digital Media at UNC Charlotte. She received her M.F.A. in Visual Arts from Rutgers University. About her work Freeman notes, “I find myself investigating old interests (science, human history, popular culture) through the lens of motherhood, with all its self-doubts, flailing, and absurdity contrasted with deep assurance. My son’s growth constantly re-defines motherhood for me, just as the changing nature of childhood re-shapes my investigations of the non-familial world.” See more about Freeman’s work at

Moving Meditation – Jill Gottschalk



McLaurin 314

Aug 25 – Sept 1

Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm

This series of three drawings emerged from a search for an authentic drawing experience with no attachment to a specific end result. I created the drawings on the floor, from a kneeling position in the center of the canvas, with a ballpoint pen in each hand. Repetitive physical movement, like an exercise, expresses a recording of time on the canvas through drawing. I am interested in how the act of creating the drawings became meditative, and how my human figure is represented by the marks made through a physical range of motion.

Fine Arts Faculty Launch Website to Assist in Educational Use of the I-Pad


Fine Arts Faculty Launch Website to Assist in Educational Use of the I-Pad

Fine arts faculty collaborate to produce new site for educators.  Mark Hamilton and Seth Rouser developed a new website this summer that focuses on the best-demonstrated practices utilized in arts instruction within the classroom. The site will provide instructional information for Winthrop fine arts faculty, Winthrop Art Ed students, and educators throughout the region in conjunction with the Winthrop University-School Partnership and NetSCOPE (Network of Sustained, Collaborative, Ongoing Preparation for Educators) Project’s Content Area Assemblies.  Hamilton and Rouser worked with fine arts education faculty Dr. Laura Gardner to help link the site to the needs of art education students and teachers.

The purposes of this project are: 1) to expand the use of advanced technologies by visual arts educators at Winthrop University that began with the Fine Arts Technology Initiative by providing teaching resources that will aid in instructional improvement and curricular enhancement; 2) to assist in preparing Winthrop art education students in their internship experiences as they help serve specific needs in K-12 art classes, for example, with lessons involving technology; 3) to provide support and professional development in the uses of technology for school-based art teachers; 4) to strengthen and formalize relationships between the Winthrop Art Education program and our partners in the schools as we work together to meet the evolving needs of the art classroom.

Key content elements of the site include:

  • A section illustrating free apps and web tools available to educators.
  • A section illustrating how and where to archive and store files.
  • A section illustrating how to document artwork and create a digital portfolio.
  • A section on ways to show the iPad on a projection screen or  computer monitor.
  • A section on iPad operations and where to find manuals.
  • A section with application specific video art tutorials for use with the iPad.

The site also provides information about the purpose of the site and project; a link to students’ images from the Department of Fine Arts; a link to the Department of Fine Arts website; and a link to the Department of Fine Arts Blog where educators can find out more about what is happening in the department that might be of interest to them and their students.

 The project has been funded by:

Fall 2014 Fine Arts Alumni Presentations



Jason Forrest, BFA Photo, ‘95

Online Media Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Musician, Berlin/USA

Thursday, August 28, 2014, 8 p.m.

Rutledge 119


After graduating from Fort Mill High, Jason Forrest attended Winthrop where he earned a B.F.A. with a Photography Concentration in 1995. Since that time he has lived in Atlanta, New York, and Berlin. Forrest is an online media strategist, entrepreneur, and musician. As a recognized techno musician he has performed at some of the most prestigious music festivals around the world. His current project is Network Awesome, an online TV site, which has over 5 million views. He also co-runs an online video production company which has produced content with another 6 million views.