Tom Stanley reports about the National Art Society Student Conference


I just wanted to report on the National Art Honor Society Student Conference in Columbia on Saturday, March 10.

  • We had thought there would be 60 students attending.  This was the original number, but there were over ninety as many more signed up at the last minute.  They ranged in high school grade levels from ninth grade to seniors.
  • There were a number of parents and art educations from across the state also attending who accompanied the students.  In this regard, I had an opportunity to talk to most if not all of the art educators and parents.
  • Winthrop Adjunct Dustin Shores provided three workshops, the maximum number of workshops allowed per time restraints.  There were over 50 students as well as teachers who attended his presentations about digital portfolios.
  • Each participant in Dustin’s workshop’s received a CD that Dustin and our grad assistants, Jessica Reynolds and Bridget Kirkland, put together and burned. The CD also included the recently designed (by Bridget Kirkland) printed Department of Fine Arts Social Media card; PDF PowerPoint files representing images from each degree program and concentration; and a recent departmental promotional video.  I am forwarding both of you the CD presentation.
  • Other college tables included Coker College (chair of department), Coastal Carolina (two art education faculty with additional MAT grad students), Benedict College (one faculty), USC (three of their five art education faculty) and of course Winthrop (Dustin and Tom).
  • It was important that we were present at this event.

• I talked to arts educators about coming to their schools or districts to do presentations about our program or discipline based presentations.

• I talked to students about their plans, let them know about our majors and what many alumni are doing with their skills.

• In this regard, I can envision a printed piece that highlights some of our alumni and what they are doing.

• We distributed information about Winthrop and the Department to students, arts educators and parents.

• Our table reminded folks from across the state and at the Columbia Museum of Art that Winthrop is a presence in arts education as well as higher education for students in South Carolina.


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