Artwork by Daniel Lawing

Pastel Drawing by Daniel Lawing

1. Where are you from?I am from Walhalla, SC. I have lived there for pretty much my entire life. Its kind of country out there, at the foot of the mountains. My mothers front yard is a cow pasture, but its not as fun as it sounds.

Daniel Lawing Drawing

Daniel Lawing Drawing

2. What brought you to being an art major? I want to be an art major because drawing is my poetry. When I can not speak my heart, I spill it on a page. I have around 20 filled sketch books with years of work in them. I did most of my work in sketch books. They was something so precious and secret about them. They are my diary, I create visual metaphores of my life and try and let my subconcious talk back to me, and I would like to continue to do that to back with whom ever would like to view my work.

3. What do you want to do with your degree?I would love to be a concept artist, for movies or where ever I could be needed (graphic novels, illustrations). I have a bias towards portraits and figure drawing. Figure sculpture I find very attractive as well. I have been encouraged to ask for models around campus to give physical references to my figure drawings but asking people for that is always so hard for me.

4. What are a few books that you’d reccomend reading? Books: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is a wonderfully dark, spiritual, futuristic, western explosion, that is far deeper than I make it sound. The ‘Nightmares and FairyTales’ comic book line is an interesting read, bending childhood fantasies to demented conflict.

DSC_00615. Who are your role models? I would have to say Marilyn Manson. I know how that may sound to you but he is a severlly brave man in the expression of all of his art. His lyrics are very powerful and at many times quite poetic, and he also paints. He had a gallery opening a few years ago that was heavily attended and many works were auctioned. His theatrics are sensational and he started as a rock and roll journalist, interviewing rock stars. And I believe he had a keen enough eye to eventually put all of his findings together to understand what it would take for him to put all of the ingredients together to become a success himself. He only had one band, and look what it turned into; his results are not ignorable. I intend to apply a similar method to the visual arts.


Daniel Lawing

6. Tell us about a great experience. Something you may not know is that I am in the Fencing 101 class. There is not a Fencing 102, however i am very interested to see if I could move east in dueling style and take a kendo swordsmen class, the traditional japanese style discipline, aposed to the more french fencing.

7. Best place in Rock Hill to grab a bite to eat? My favorite place to grab a bite to eat and hang out was Sahara, a traditional middle eastern style establishment. You could order their hearty turkish black coffee and sit in a private room away from the open dinning area and order from their menu of sheesha, with their provided hookas. Sadly their kitchen ran into a catastrophy one day and caught fire. I dont believe they will re-open.

winthrop fine arts

Castle in the Sky by Daniel Lawing

8. If you were at a dinner party and could invite five people from all time, dead or alive, who would you invite? Gosh if I could have dinner with any five people from history it would have to be…Marilyn Manson, Clint Eastwood, Mark Hamill, Stephen King, and Ellen Page…I suppose I am more concerned with the present….and america………….and movies….. Yeeeesh, Pop-Culture!!


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