Spotlighting Marge Moody, her show, and Carolina Arts

January 2013 Issue

January 2013 Issue

Visit Carolina Arts, a publication covering the Visual Arts in the Carolinas, to read an announcement on Marge Moody’s upcoming show at City Art Gallery in Columbia, SC.


January 2013 issue of Carolina Arts (pages 14 and 16)

“Selections from the ’30-Year Retrospective: Made in America’ 1983 – 2013”

For her Winthrop Department of Fine Art’s Faculty Profile, please click here: Marge Moody

Also noted in Carolina Arts:  Lillian Wimberly’s (one of our former students) show advertised.


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  1. Marge Moody is one of the Best instructors.
    An incredible art making force.
    Words are not enough. Go and stand before her Paintings! Seek out her large format collages!
    be prepared to cry if you ever get a chance to see her early still life paintings.
    She has left a stain on my life and I care not to remove it.
    All Respect
    ®eed Elliott

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