sarah2• Where are you from?
I was born in Melbourne FL, where I lived until I was 6. After that I pretty much grew up in Lexington, SC but my brother and I spent a lot of summers and winters with my dad in florida.
• What brought you to being an art major?
I’ve wanted to make art since I was very little. There were other things that I considered pursuing, but art seemed to be the only constant. I did a summer art program called TriDac in middle school which led me to continue art in high school which led me to apply to Governor’s School. I ended up at Winthrop because it had the best art department in the state.
• What has surprised you about Winthrop?
A lot has surprised me about Winthrop. When I first got here I was pretty sulky and thought Rock Hill was really boring. After stumbling upon an art performance the second week of school freshman year and meeting some cool upperclassmen that were having house shows for music and/or art/performance art, I realized there was some interesting things happening in this seemingly sleepy little town.
sarah3• What will you miss about Winthrop after graduation?
I will most definitely miss the community and the friends that I have made here. People come in and out of your life but it’s pretty remarkable how many great people I’ve met here. The art department feels like a big family. I’ll miss critiques, and running to get coffee in the middle of class, and late nights in the studio.
• What has been your greatest challenge?
Being indecisive. It’s like there are always way too many options bouncing around in my head.
• What advice do you have for incoming freshman?
Plunge in to your college experience. Get to know your peers. Take foundations seriously. Make it happen.
• If you could write a letter to your younger self what would it say?
I would tell myself not to be so timid and to take more chances. Don’t worry so much.
• Tell us about your experience in an internship or volunteer project.
Well I interned at Braitman Studio, an art studio in Charlotte where this artist Andy Braitman teaches teen and adult painting and drawing classes. I was interning during their teen summer workshop so I got to help teach a still life drawing section. It was a great experience meeting awesome people and practicing some leadership skills. I also volunteered at the Behavioral Medicine Unit at Piedmont Medical Center last year when I was still thinking about getting a minor in psychology. It really changed my perspective about some things. I will start an internship at McColl center after May Commencement.


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