STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Charles Dale Bridges


0-10Charles Dale Bridges, better known to friends as just Dale grew up in Dacusville, South Carolina. Born on May 30, 1991 is currently attending Winthrop University scheduled to graduate in May with a BFA in Photography. His focus is color portraits taken in studio on Fuji instant black and white 120mm film exploring interest in fashion that capture a sense of the person. Senior series will be composed of a series of Albumen prints from large format 4′ x 5′ sheet film exploring classical photography, fabric, and symbolic purpose of water in our culture.

  • What are you trying to convey in your work? All of my work attempts to strike an emotional chord and comes across as sensual regardless of subject matter. I greatly admire the beauty and fluidity of the human body and light. I acquire my motivation for my work through imagery from nature. My work on a whole is very feminine. I focus on color temperature, lighting, and composition.
  • What are Albumen prints? It is a very old process, invented by Loius Desire Blanquart-Evvrard, combined egg whites with photographic chemicals on paper.
  • What is the key to capturing a “sense of a person”? It is a process of discovering what a person has to share.
  • What is the symbolic feature of water in history, in our time, as related to women/ femininity? Water relates to women as in birth. I use fluid fabrics as metaphors for water in my work.
  • What is the role of sensuality in your work? Portraits are very vulnerable situations in their moments. I try to form a quick connection with the models that I shoot so I can meet them halfway.
  • What is relationship between human body and light in your work? Ethereal and ghostly imagery. Letting elements blend together.
  • What fabrics do you use to convey watery feeling? Tool. Lots and lots of tool.


  • Favorite quote? “Not everyone can be a model that’s why there a lot of pretty girls waiting tables.” – Karl Largarfeld. A person needs a strong history of experiences and willingness to share them to be vulnerable because photography is a true medium.
  • Biggest artistic influence? Julia Margaret Cameron as well as Cinematography as a whole.
  • Plans after graduation? I am currently interning for a commercial photographer in Charlotte; Mike Carroll whose work I greatly respect. This is helping me focus on sharpening the commercial side of my technique.
  • What teachers have helped mold you into the artist you are today? Martyka has pushed me to think more critically about my work, Hamilton has been very influential for his profound advice, and Phil Moody for teaching me playful exploration.

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