Power, Patriarchy, and the Female Body: Paula Rego’s “Aesthetics of Danger” Tuesday March 5th: 11am-noon; 119 Rutledge


CVPA Annual Brown Bag Lunch Talks presents

Dr. Clara Paulino

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies



Paula Rego, the first artist-in-residence at the National Gallery in London, left her native Portugal in the 1950s to become an art student in London. Portugal was then at the height of the Salazar dictatorship and Rego’s visual rhetoric exposes a hidden world of secret lies and veiled truths which she claims as an “ideologically strategic terrain” in her own territory in art. Part of this territory is the shaping of a new politics of representation of gender and gender roles. “If art is genderless,” she said in a 1997 interview, “… what is it”? 

Sponsored by CVPA, Women’s Studies, Department of Fine Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies

A GLI approved global cultural event


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