Dear Fine Arts Students

Over the next week within McLaurin and Rutledge, you will notice exhibitions of student work going up everywhere.  This is in anticipation of the upcoming site visit by outside evaluators representing the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) who will be looking closely at the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Design during our re-accreditation process – an activity that happens every ten years to help ensure the quality of our programs.

Earlier this March, we submitted our documentation and self-study to NASAD and to our on-site evaluators.  This document represented volumes of materials about Winthrop, the College of Visual and Preforming Arts and our two Departments.  It included volumes of information about your curriculum, your learning outcomes, and how we achieve our goals.

Beginning April 14 and continuing through April 17 our site-visitors will be on campus to determine if what we have said in our written self-study and documentation is accurate; where we need to make improvements in areas like facilities, health and safety; and if indeed our students are receiving quality instruction as witnessed in their work.

The NASAD site-visit team is comprised of experienced NASAD evaluators and includes John DeMao Jr., Chair of the Department of Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, and Dr. Katerina Ruedi Ray, Director of the School of Art at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  They may visit your classrooms or studios; you may have an opportunity to talk to them one on one; and for sure, you will see them examining student work, facilities, and the details of our programs.

With all of this in mind, please keep doing what you have been doing.  


Tom Stanley


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