Join us for the Senior Photography Exhibition, Hart Witzen Gallery, April 19th



Senior Photography Exhibition / Winthrop University Department of Fine Arts

Hart Witzen Gallery

136 E. 36th Street, Charlotte, NC  28206
Friday, April 19th
6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.



Winthrop University’s Senior Photography majors explore a broad range of imagery using techniques from historic albumen prints to digital projections, and address the integral role that photography plays in each of the artists’ lives.


Featuring the following students:

  • Dale Bridges:  “My work revolves around the human body and the fluidity I see in it. I look for glamor and beauty in all of my work and achieve this through the models and lighting I use. This series is a combination of the things I enjoy about portraiture and photography and strives to explore the human body and the emotions an image can convey.”
  • Hannah Mounce:  “My series ‘Where is My Mind’ is a commentary on our growing fascination with television’s false reality, and explores the obsessive tendencies people exhibit under its influence. The work is on color transparency film, digitized through scanning and framed with scraps of electronics; reinforcing the fact that we cannot deny living in the modern digital age.”
  • Sommer Moya-Mendez:  “I enjoy working with people I know. This series documents the people I work with at a local home improvement store. It is a reflection on where my life is now, and how I view those who are close to me. The images will be broken up into small Polaroid lifts; representing the fragments of my life and moving on.”
  • Kathryn Sanders:  “My work for this series concentrates on the movement of a liquid substance dispersing through water. The motion and shapes created by the dispersal of the liquids are hypnotic and otherworldly. In order to enhance and capture these traits, I used very vibrant color enriched through the use of a UV light. The abstract nature of the images also lends itself to multiple interpretations as to what these image could possibly mean or contain within them.”
  • Chelsea Walker:  “My work is contrasted in two series. The first investigates the movement and rhythm of the human body by experimenting with long exposures and color filters. The second explores the activity of the natural world found in bugs. Each creature has its own unique continuation through life. My work aims to examine the locomotive similarities and differences that can occur between living things.”
  • Rebecca JacobsRebecca Jacobs:  “Over the years I have found myself continually drawn to the same subject matter—finding small, hidden parts of daily reality that to me are metaphors for emotional and mental sensations.  ‘Affinity’ explores qualities of light and dark, such as how light piercing through a window or being reflected on a wall creates its own world. I hope to convey to the viewer the experience of seeing physical spaces express emotional places.”
  • Zach NeSmith:  “I am creating conceptual works in .gif format that study the relationship between memes, the internet, information technology and multimedia imaging. They are an exploration of photography and moving images in the age of information technology. Subject matter ranges from the comical, surreal, to abstract glitch art, as well as more traditional, reflective pieces.”
  • James Still:  “Objects, in the process of serving their utilitarian functions, often take on certain attributes that distinguish that object from another. The chair is the ultimate tool for comfort, and they are normally connected to the people that will eventually sit in them.  When something inhuman is found on a chair we can tell right away that something isn’t right.  This combo of chair and object sets up an almost comedic portrait highlighting the disconnect between the human world and the tools that inhabit it.”



Hart Witzen, 136 E. 36th Street, Charlotte, NC 28206.

For a Map and Parking Info, CLICK HERE.  Parking is located next to the building.

For further information, please contact the Hart Witzen Gallery at 704.334.1177.


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