Artists Interviewing Artists: Nicole Davenport


Interview by Sarah Kinard

Nicole was raised in Anderson, South Carolina by a family that always nurtured her love of art.  She loved art from a young age attending art camps every summer and always making things from whatever she could find around her.  She is pursuing a BFA degree in General Studio concentrating in Printmaking and Sculpture.

“Tea for Who is a piece that explores the fragility of relationships that holdup for a brief time and collapse at any sign of strain.” Nicole Davenport



SK: Why do you make what you make?

NICOLE DAVENPORT: It’s a way to express what inspires me and a way to communicate things I can’t always explain using just words.

SK:  How important is your subject matter?

NICOLE DAVENPORT: It varies depending what I’m working on.  Sometimes it feels extremely important to the concept of my work and other times, it’s not so important what the subject matter is, but rather how I represent it
makes it meaningful.nicole1

SK:  How do you deal with process?

NICOLE DAVENPORT: I typically take things as they come.  I’ll start with an idea and run with it, keeping an open mind and constantly asking questions as I go. I generally start with a loose sense of what I’m aiming for and let it change as the idea evolves.

nicole 2SK: What would you improve?

NICOLE DAVENPORT: If I could improve anything it would be my ability to draw the figure.I’ve definitely improved with practice, but I’m still far from where I’d like to be.

SK: What area would you like to study (outside of your current workings)? For example, you do collage, but perhaps you would like to work in ceramics.

NICOLE DAVENPORT: Right now, I’m doing mostly printmaking-based 2D works and starting to get into 3D a little, but I would love to be able to devote more time to working three dimensionally and even combine the two. I love the idea of mold-making and being able to edition a sculpture, like a print.

Thank you Sarah Kinard for taking to interview fellow artist Nicole Davenport.


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