Fine Arts Retreat


This past Tuesday, August 13, the Department of Fine Arts held its 2013 Retreat:  Critical Thinking, Technology and Innovation.  Presentations included:


Talking About Technology with Josh Drews

A video produced for Winthrop by alumni Josh Drews, high school art educator, president of the South Carolina Art Education Association, and Facilitator for the ABC Summer Institute Visual Arts Technology Workshop.


Design Technology

A presentation by Professor Emeritus Alf Ward about the curriculum he helped develop in Great Britain emphasizing art and design literacy.


ACM SIGGRAPH and Winthrop

Presentations by Associate Professor of Fine Arts Courtney Starrett and Professor of Fine Arts Mark Hamilton about the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH) and Winthrop participation in the upcoming 2014 conference.


Fine Arts Digital Technology and Learning Initiative

Presentations by Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Seth Rouser and Adjunct Professor Dustin Shores about their investigation into potential uses of digital technology within Fine Arts Curriculum.


Individualized Studies and More

A presentation by Dr. Clara Paulino in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies about the possibilities that this program may offer our Fine Arts Students.


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