Artists Interviewing Artists: Rebecca Jacobs

Artist Interviewed by English Grant
E.G.: If you could work as an assistant to any artist, who would it be?
Rebecca.: It would be interesting to learn from Andreas Franke, an Austrian commercial photographer. His studio creates fantastical illusory scenes by retouching and extensive editing, making impossible scenarios look real. Just to learn the techniques. He also was the first person to display photos underwater in a shipwreck, and I am very interested in alternative ways of presenting photography.
E.G.: What is your favorite artistic implement (be very specific)? 
Rebecca: Perhaps the one thing I have relied on the most in my first years at college has been my 18mm kit lens…the wide angle gives just enough more of a scene than the standard 28mm to be extremely useful for many of the subjects I have explored.RJ_-2
E.G.: Do you like to listen to music when you are working? If so, what?
Rebecca: Because I never owned an iPod until recently, I haven’t been in the habit of listening to something while shooting or at school. When editing my photos, however I will often be listening to artists such as The Lumineers or Andrew Peterson.
E.G.: What is the worst thing that somebody has ever said to you about your art?
Rebecca: Probably that it’s not good enough or uninteresting…especially when those comments are directed at the pieces that I felt had the most life on them or where particularly intriguing to me.
E.G.: What is the best piece of advice that you have ever gotten from a professor?
Rebecca: Several–to not be so easily satisfied with your work, but push it to the best it can be. To be yourself and start from your strengths, what you know, and let that carry you into places you haven’t been before. And to remember that you can’t please everybody, ultimately you should be pleased with your work.RJ_-3

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