Important Offerings this Spring Semester 2014


Attention Fine Arts Majors


Important Offerings this Spring Semester 2014

BFA in Art ARTS 500 Senior Seminar (Senior Website and Exhibition)and

BA in Art ARTS 501 Senior Project Seminar

Will both be offered TR 3:30-6:15.

Instructors: Team-taught by Mark Hamilton and Tom Stanley


We are attempting to identify those of you who will be signing up for this class.  We need this information now in an effort to prepare more fully for website development and your exhibition or project. 

This is a capstone experience for the BFA in Art and the BA in Art majors who will be graduating either in Spring 2014 or Fall 2014.  It is required of students under the catalog year 2012-2013; however, we recommend it now as a required special topics or elective.

The department sees this as THE senior exhibition, presentation or experience for all BFA in Art and BA in Art seniors.  We will be making a special effort to help establish it as THE pivotal experience it needs to be.


Please email Tom Stanley at if you have questions or if you know that you will be signing up.

Thank you.

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