The Anthology: Winthrop’s Literary and Arts Magazine


Art Students!

It is that time of year again: The Anthology, Winthrop’s Literary and Arts magazine, is looking for submissions! We want to publish the awesome work that I know you guys are creating! Deadline for submissions is NOV 26 (I know, we’re all busy, but the sooner you do it then you won’t have to worry about it!). It’s a great opportunity to let people see what you have been making, show the rest of campus what we’re up to, and fill up a line on your resume!

 Email jpg images of your work to Painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, jewelry, anything and everything send it in! If you have any questions, or want help documenting work in order to submit it, please let me or our Art Editor Sarah Kinard know.

The work you guys create is incredible and we want to see all of it!

Rebecca Jacobs

Assistant Editor

Anthology Staff


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