Tuesday November 5th Tremont Music Hall; 7pm

71-atmdNik Turner was a founding member of Hawkwind, and a part of that group from 1969-1976, then again from 1981-1984. The music that Space Ritual performs is classic Hawkwind material, as well as brand new music in the same vein.Space Ritual was formed 2001AD, coalescing through time and space by populace demand, and psychic desire and need, to revive the lost magic, the true original spirit of ‘Hawkwind’, of which the band were all part, and ‘keepers of the flame’. The band play modern space/ rock/ jazzy/ dancy/ science/ fictional/ fantasy/ spiritual music, to heal and raise spirits, consciousness and awareness, promoting communication and good times, getting high without drugs, using multimedia sound/light/visual imagery to create extremely wild, whacky, mind boggling/blowing experience, each performance truly a happening.


Cinematic Western-psych outfit Spindrift is nearing the end of their haunting “Ghost Town Tour.” The past few weeks found the group touring the Southwest in proper club dates as well as performing in actual standing ghost towns. Their visits to the remaining ruins of the old west included performances at the legendary Saloon no. 10 in Deadwood, SD and at the sight of the infamous gunfight at theO.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ.While playing to the ghostly spirits of each town, Spindrift also caught the attention of major media outlets, including Noisey who had a frank discussion at the prospect of such a tour with Kirpatrick Thomas (vocals/guitar) of the band as well as major newspapers on the tour route including The Salt Lake Tribune, The Arizona Daily Star, and The Albuquerque Journal. Prior to arriving in Arizona, theTucson Weekly noted that “the band sounds cinematic, expansive and eerie. And anyone who has seen the band perform live — they’ve performed in Tucson at least twice before — knows the trademark Spindrift sound is trippy, chill-inducing and rattlingly loud.” The “Ghost Town Tour” concluded with Spindrift’s show with Restavrant and RT & the 44’s at The Deer Lodge in Ojai, CA (presented by The New L.A. Folk Fest).The “Ghost Town Tour” has provided Spindrift the opportunity to perform material from their forthcoming album, Spindrift: Ghost of the West. The group is currently putting the finishing touches to the new full-length, tentatively due out in spring 2013. The album will also include footage filmed by Burke Roberts, JT Gurzi, and Rich Ragsdale that documents Spindrift’s ghostly encounters during the tour. While at the Gallows of Gold Point, NV, the band’s Kirpatrick Thomas (guitars/vocals) and Henry Evans (bass/baritone guitar) acted out the song “Hanging Me Tonight” by Marty Robbins for the film. A production still from the filming, taken by Howard Wise, can be seen above. Spindrift is also planning a spring tour leading up to an appearance at South By Southwest 2013.

In addition to new material, the “Ghost Town Tour” also found Spindrift performing songs from the soundtrack for Ward Robert’s neo-western epic Dust Up. Spindrift’s score for the film contains both instrumental pieces and full on songs, indulging in the band’s talent for both sun-soaked desert rock and cinema themes. Both the film and Spindrift’s soundtrack are available via iTunes, Amazon and all other digital retailers. The film is also currently available on DVD.

The band’s music will next appear in the feature film Treasure of the Black Jaguar, slated to be released in theaters on January 9th, 2013.


Little Bull Lee

Little Bull Lee have traveled a long and weary path, beginning with its lone creator, Donald Doolittle in 2008. Prematurely interrupted by a 6 month hike on the Appalachian Trail, a wayward Doolittle resurfaced his project in 2010 with Blake Raynor on bass, Noah Warner on guitar and David Ulloa on drums, giving birth to a whole new monster. Loud, slow and sludgy, Little Bull Lee was the aggressive onslaught of Doolittle’s experiences both on and off the trail. However, it wasn’t long before LBL’s leader found himself at the mercy of his personal anguish yet again. In a second dramatic attempt to face and conquer his afflictions, Doolittle cycled from the east to west coast with his brother in 2011. Upon his return, the project took on an entirely new façade. Under the same name, and in Warner’s absence, Raynor, Ulloa and Doolittle gave new meaning to Little Bull Lee. Louder, darker, groovier and wet with psychedlia, they added Austin Nevels on guitar in late 2012 and finally gained the momentum to propel them full speed ahead.As Doolittle’s experiment initially served as his aural confrontation with a number of personal demons, the band’s reformation prevails as a triumph against the darkness with which he struggled. Blunt, raw passion overflows when this brutal four piece takes the stage. Each performance is a chaotic journey from beginning to end. Little Bull Lee’s intensity dominates their surroundings and captivates their audience with bewitching force. Waves of distortion crash at their feet as the walls around them fall victim to their massive, unrelenting sound.With a strong sense of dedication and determination, Little Bull Lee are moving forward with incredible momentum. Undone Sun, a demo recorded by Charlotte’s legendary Jesse Classen, is currently LBL’s only available recording. While the band and their fans eagerly await the release of their first full-length album, The End, planned for spring 2013, the guys are wasting no time getting back into the studio. Having recently been recruited to join Shoplifter Booking’s roster, the guys have a number of tour dates in the works and are eager to get on the road. In the meantime, whiskey is sipped and smoke exhaled as this rugged victor leads his pack steady into the night.


performance art by: Sinergismo

Sinergismo is a multi-disciplinary collaborative performance art ensemble comprised of professional dancers, visual artists, poets, and musicians; including Winthrop Alumni Gretchen Jax, Jon Prichard, and Brittney Prichard along with BFA Sculpture student Connor Clinch on a mission to make innovative and inspiring art. Peruse our gallery and history to explore our work.

Tremont Music Hall

400 W. Tremont Ave.
Charlotte, NC

Tickets  $12

7:00 PM


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