Student Spotlight: Joy Brown

Hometown: Columbia, S.C. High school: Dreher High School
Major: BA-Art Minor is: Entrepreneurship

SONY DSCWhat are your professional plans for the future?

I plan on being an art teacher.

In what ways has this program been beneficial in achieving your goals?


This program pushed me outside of my comfort zone. It has taught me how to explore my creative side which I have not done before coming to Winthrop. I took art in public school but nobody really pushed me far beyond my talent except my teacher art Mr. Vandiver. The discipline and toughness that I have learned here will help me to teach the same discipline and toughness to my art students.

Honestly, I am very satisfied with the program as is but the only thing that I wish I could see more in this program is a diversity of teachers. Like for example, African American, Asian, or Hispanic teachers. Having different races of teachers brings more cultural differences into the classroom and it also allows for multiple perspectives of art.

What subject matter interests you most?
The subject matter that I am most interested in is humans, and quite frankly males for that matter. Growing up as a little kid, I began drawing pokemon and digimon and anything that had to do with people so now I enjoy drawing a realistic version of the human figure. Honestly, males are extremely more interesting to look at than females.
SONY DSCDo you ask/ answer questions in your work?
I try to remain silent mentally when I work and just listen to music. The more I think and analyze about a project or what I am doing then I tend to over think the project or I have an artists block. The way I work is that I have to remove my mind and entertain it with music, or movies, or something, so that my hands can take control over my work. This answer may sound odd, but asking myself questions while I am creating artwork disturbs my flow. I naturally don’t focus on what I am doing.
joybrownrajonrondoHow do you know when a work is finished?
I do not necessarily know when an artwork is finished. I tend to work for a certain amount of time and the closer it is to the due date then I consider it finished, no matter how finished it actually is. Fortunately, I unconsciously finish pieces without realizing that I have. For me, a state of being finished is determined by how much time that I have put into the piece.
1.”untitled”, medium: acrylic paint.
2. “untitled”, medium: acrylic paint.
3. “Elephant”, medium: mixed medium (color pencil, gesso, charcoal, photo transfer, graphite)
4.  “Rondo”, medium: mechanical pencil/graphite.

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