A CALL FOR ART: To Thine Own Self[ie] Be True





A CALL FOR ART: To Thine Own Self[ie] Be True


Opening Reception March 20th
Exhibit runs February 28th – April 8th

They’re everywhere, popping out of every dark (and not so dark) corner of the internet, filling up SD cards on folks’ smart phones, branding everyone’s personal profile on relentlessly expanding social media websites. 

You know what we’re talking about. Selfies!

The new word instantly conjures a whole set of well-defined connotations, from frivolity to shameless narcissism. But could there be more to the selfie than meets the eye? Could there be untapped potential in this new mode of expression for deeper meaning, wit, art? Does this new word, added only last year to the Oxford English Dictionary, already beg for the expansion of its own meaning?

This show explores those possibilities. Artists, photographers, and recreational cell phone users alike are invited to submit work that explodes the limited connotations of the selfie. Or not. Any and all selfies will be considered, from the minimal and trite to the blazingly pretentious, from the thoughtful and deliberate to the spontaneous, from the witty to the crass.


-All forms of 2D art will be considered. If you would like us to consider your 3D art, performance art or whatever else, just email and we’ll discuss possibilities. 
-With “Selfies” in the subject line, please email submissions to submissions@hub-bub.com  
-3 submissions per artist. Longer series will be considered on a case by case basis. 
-All files should be provided as: JPGs, 72 dpi, sRGB. Image width not to exceed 1500 pixels on the longest side. Files should be titled as LastName_FirstName_01Title.jpg.
-Please include all contact information. 
-Title and number your submission/s. Provide description and details of work such as size and medium.

Artists will receive an email notifying them of accepted work by February 7th. Once you are notified of acceptance, please drop off your Ready-To-Hang art work to the Showroom Gallery (149 S. Daniel Morgan Ave, suite 2, Spartanburg, SC, 29306) between February 20th-25th. Artists are responsible for drop off and pick up of all artwork. Email for mounting specifications.

Artists retain full rights to their work. By submitting to HUB-BUB, artists grant the use of selected images for the purpose of marketing and display.


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