BFA alum Brent Owens solo exhibition “For Thinkin’ Long and Dark”


BFA alum Brent Owens has a solo exhibition titled For Thinkin’ Long and Dark at English Kills Art Gallery, in Bushwick, N.Y., 114 Forrest St. #1, February 22 – March 30, 2014. An opening reception is scheduled for February 22, from 6-9 pm.

English Kills is pleased to present For Thinkin’ Long and Dark, Brent Owens’ third solo exhibition of new work with the gallery.

For Thinkin’ Long and Dark showcases the culmination of a chapter of the artist’s life and work marked by metaphysical thinking and existential query: works that possess a rich, dark timbre, yet are saturated with the candor, humor, and pathos that typify Owens’ work. 

The works in the exhibition cover themes ranging from tropical tourism to the age old practice of blood sacrifice.  Sexuality, gender roles, wizardry, and mythology alike are addressed, all with a tone of tomfoolery as well as a sense of the gravity borne by these topics in the way of existential underpinnings.

Delving further into the synthesis of woodcraft and popular culture that has become a defining attribute of Owens’ career to date, the artist has continued to develop his  signature technique of router carving plywood “carpet paintings.”  This series has expanded in the last year in scale and color exploration, and with increased variety of image and subject matter.

In addition, the exhibition finds Owens discovering new combinations of classic woodcraft with applications from the domestic sphere.  The miscellany of auto culture, party favors, and body modifications are joined with natural and carved wooden forms in a series of new sculptures that operate in a domestic surrealist fashion. The corporeality of their wooden construction grounds the ideological shifts in these sculptures, from brooding nightmare to rollicking wet dream.




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