SONDER Interview with Ellie McNall and Heidi Nisbett

Image   Image
Hometown and High school.

Heidi is from Inman, SC and went to Boiling Springs High School and Elli is from Columbia, Chapin High School.

Major and concentration.

Heidi and Elli are both getting their BFA in printmaking and painting.

Explain your creative process and creative process.

We started off with the idea of making collages and do a bunch of them and have them all a consistent size (4”x4”). Most of the pieces were collage and transfers and occasionally used Sharpie. The title “Sonder” was part of this collaboration from the beginning. It means “concurrently in your life everyone around you is living an equally vibrant life as you are.” I think this relates well with collage because we were taking so many images from so many sources and combining them into a world. It was important for the collages to cover the walls from ceiling to floor because the overwhelming and unified atmosphere of the entire room was very important. It was more about creating an environment than seeing one particular collage.  When viewers saw each collage was for sale for only $5 then they began to look at each individual piece to see if there was one they would like to buy. 

How long did it take you to complete this installation?

It took each of us 480 hours to create and install and uninstall all 2,480 collages.

Do you have feedback on how this program has helped you achieve your goals?

Elli – This program has been life changing. High school was so limited in what I learned. In my last painting I took my own ideas and combined them with the color knowledge from previous classes.  I took a contour drawing of a model and used it as a starting point for another project.

Heidi – The professors are dependable and supportive. I learned a strong work ethic from being here and how to put more time into my work. The professors helped give us resources for out collaboration.

In what way could it be better?

This collaboration was mostly collage and there is not really a mixed media course available. 


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