Senior Photo Show Zach Nesmith/Rebecca Jacobs

Saturday, April 26 at 7 p.m. – One Night Only

ROC Outdoor Space at 119 E. White Street

Promotional Video:
Hey everyone! It is that time of year again for Winthrop’s Photo Thesis Senior Show! This year Zach Nesmith and

Rebecca Jacobs will be showing the results of their Senior Photo projects, at the ROC outdoor space at 119 E

White St. (in between Saturday Bike and Run, and Dave Lyle, the building is white with red doors, and parking lots

are on either side).

The term “complex manifolds” is a math term that designates surfaces, or flat planes, that have become complex

and three-dimensional. Both artists have taken the very flat medium of photography, and through digital tools, vibrant

use of color, and radically creative display methods, have pushed the boundaries of the flat planes normally associated

with photography, into three-dimensional explorations–Zach inviting the viewer into computer-generated situations

and scenarios; Rebecca using digital means to make photography become three-dimensional.

This a show that you will not want to miss!! Food, drinks and music will be provided; and it is guaranteed to be a great

opportunity to support your fellow artists and gather inspiration from the results of their hard work!



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