Alumni Lila Shull


Well, that’s it then. I just handed over my keys to the best job i’ve ever had. I have a BFA in printmaking and I worked for nearly two years in a fine art screen printing shop. Manning my own press and eventually becoming salary. AS A PRINTMAKER. You guys, i’m not joking around when I say that art degrees aren’t worthless, because I love that job and the people I got to be around. I printed poster work for Eric Draplin, Justin Helton, Tracy Ching, Methane, Doe Eyed, Good Fucking Design Advice along countless others. This is the greatest experience I’ve ever had, and I’m very sad to leave, but very excited to experience the new directions that I am being led! Thank youThe Half and Half for being so good to me, I mean where else could I come into work looking like this everyday?10524308_10152195119306167_2460734196562531749_n


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