Fine Arts Students Recruiting in Columbia


Department of Fine Arts students actively recruited high school art students in Columbia March 6 and 7 at the South Carolina State Museum’s College Day and at the National Art Honors Society Student Conference at the Columbia Museum of Art.  Over 500 high school art students and fourteen South Carolina college art departments attended over the two days.

The state museum’s College Day also featured alumni presentations from selected South Carolina art departments organized by SCSM chief curator of art and Winthrop alum Paul Matheny.  Winthrop alumni Jon Prichard and Will Johnson presented their sculptural performance of Color to attending students and teachers.  At the Art Honors Society event current B.F.A. candidates Grace Windey and Nicole Davenport facilitated Coptic Stitch Sketchbook workshops while Dylan Bannister and Dallas Austin facilitated a Digital Portfolio workshop.

Both days featured projected images of Winthrop Department of Fine Arts student work, portfolios and videos.  Student recruiters talked to high school students, passed out information and also networked with a variety of art educators and professionals attending both events.

Will, Paul and Jon Color Code Cola Museum SCSM Display

Line text for photos:

attached SCSM Display – At State Museum, left to right:  Tom Stanley, Nicole Davenport, Grace Windey, Dallas Austin and Dylan Bannister

attached Cola Museum – At Columbia Museum of Art, left to right: Grace Windey, Dylan Bannister, Tom Stanley, Dallas Austin and Nicole Davenport

attached Will, Paul and Jon – left to right Will Johnson, Paul Matheny and Jon Prichard

see attached Color Code:  Color Code Sculptural Performance by Jon Prichard and Will Johnson


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