ARTFIELDS Exhibition in Lake City


Here is a list of the Winthrop students, alumni, faculty and staff who were represented in ARTFIELDS exhibition in Lake City.

Adrian Rhodes
Brian Bojo
Edward Brantley
Leah Cabinum
Vivianne Carey
Nicole Davenport
Stacey Davidson
Kim Dick
Anthony DiGiorgio
Amanda Foshag
Matt Horick
Jessie Rogers
Mike Lavine
Carey Morton
Jessica Reynolds
Seth Rouser
Tom Stanley
Pam Winegard
Michael Woodle

adrianrhodes Bojo-Brian Brantley-Edward Cabinum Carey-Vivianne Davenport-Nicole Davidson-Stacey Dick-Kim DiGiorgio-Anthony Foshag-Amanda Horick-Matt J-Rogers Lavine-Mike Morton-Carey Reynolds-Jessica Rouser-Seth Stanley-Tom Winegard-Pamela Woodle-Michael


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