Fine Arts faculty Dr. Seymour Simmons and Seth Rouser are included in grant award from Imagination Institute to Advance the Science of Imagination.


Jennifer Drake from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, Ellen Winner from Boston College, and Seymour Simmons from Winthrop University will receive $175,000 to explore how we might assess and foster visual imagination through drawing. Visual imagination involves the ability to generate, manipulate and transform images mentally and requires going beyond the information given to the senses. Can we use drawing to develop visual imagination in individuals with no prior training or talent in drawing? To address this question, undergraduate non-art majors from Boston College and Brooklyn College will take a six-week, 12 lesson ‘crash course’ in drawing delivered by video. Half the students will take a course in imaginative drawing. The other half will take a course in observational drawing. All students will be pre and post tested on four measurers of imagination. Winthrop faculty Simmons and Rouser are developing the instructional videos. Dr. Simmons is writing the scripts and doing the voice-overs. Professor Rouser is producing the videos, and also produced materials to be used to measure imagination including the creation of illustrations, animations, and video demonstrations.




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