Professor Marge Moody’s Residency in Portugal


This summer 2015 Professor Marge Moody attended a residency in southern Portugal, run by Foundation OBRAS from June 4 – 24. During that time she completed a number of acrylic gouache paintings and collages and several small acrylic paintings on canvas.

The residency was held in nicely converted farm buildings in a supportive atmosphere and is located approximately one and one half hours east of Lisbon, Portugal, in the beautiful Alentejo region of Portugal, near the towns of Estramos and Evora, a university town. Moody’s work, as always inspired by the ‘spirit of place’, used abstraction to describe the ‘essential’ nature of sights, sounds, smells of the countryside. An easy journey from Newark, New Jersey to Lisbon, Professor Moody would recommend this residency to other interested artists and to our students. The project was supported by the Winthrop University Research Council.

Image of painting by Marge Loudon Moody
‘Time to ‘Stand and Stare’ series: Walk
Acrylic gouache and collage on watercolor paper
12 x 12″      2015



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