Clara Paulino Roundtable Curator


Our own Clara Paulino is curator (comissária) of “Complexity – Interdisciplinary Conversations,” a series of events taking place from October 6 to October 16 at the University of Porto, Portugal. Paulino is also chair of the two roundtables, which will be debating the following themes:

  • Interdisciplinary research in cognition, and interdisciplinary integration in research and academic settings.

The round table participants are international faculty and professionals with a track record of interdisciplinary work in the fields of architecture, engineering, literature, neuroscience, psychology, and the visual arts. The keynote speaker, David Ingleby, is Professor Emeritus of the University of Utrecht,           Holland and leader of European Union projects on human migration and national health systems.

The events include an exhibition featuring art work by faculty and students of the Academy of Fine Arts and a Performance Art piece, both on the theme of complex systems. The events will close with a concert on the theme of “Faust in Music.”


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