Foundations and Art Ed Shows in Lewandowski


The Foundations Show is up Nov3-16th.   The work represents the following classes: ARTS 120 Drawing I, ARTS 220 Drawing II, ARTS 101 Two-Dimensional Design, ARTS 102 Three-Dimensional Design, ARTS 204 Three Dimensional Media Studies, ARTS 205 Photo Media Studies, ARTS 206 Two-Dimensional Media Studies, and ARTS 281 Computer Imaging.

Statement from the Foundation Coordinator:
The Foundations Show represents many of the best works from Foundation level students.  This year is no exception.  In fact, I believe it is one of our best exhibitions so far.  All the work we received was so good, which made jurying the show especially difficult this year.  The fruit of these students’ labors is a great testament to not only their efforts, but also to the efforts of their teachers.  The pieces selected represent all the Foundation courses in drawing, design, media studies, and computer imaging.  One hallmark of the program is that it produces in our students high level skills in design, craft, and professionalism, which is very evident in this exhibition.  In addition to the traditional forms of picture making and three-dimensional design, this year’s show includes digital works and video that come from the revised content of ARTS 281 Computer Imaging.  I am excited and inspired by the Foundation students’ work.  I know that all the Fine Arts faculty, including myself, look forward to seeing the great things to come.



IMG_4205 IMG_4216 IMG_4208 copy IMG_4208 monkcopy IMG_4209 copy IMG_4210


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