Shaun Cassidy Reid Park Collaboration


Artist and Winthrop Fine Arts faculty Shaun Cassidy collaborated with landscape designers Laurel Holtzapple and Loran Doran on four sculptural elements for the new community park funded by the Arts and Science Council in Charlotte. Cassidy’s former student Todd Stewart, now a public art administrator at ASC, was the project manager.oTrZU_STUM9DMryKiNAyzdsADTg9F367uGdljgmPV-I,TOK6aimt8R-GsJRvXy2V8t2JsYH8Ty2ge0jzhZ0kd6g,MNQ95nLfj2iUGKB_h5vgYJKKZScGBxHZIwyOZWEWv6gPA-4oBKURSvUJ-vvbhupHU1C-272FbwHw-RI27IAJ4M,jYn-_xSDb2cVAmX33yf5qfQrQawfJ5HeANeRnU4yBtU,DmJQFy3JUzYqOcIWVAOa5jJKOkHCVSXcANnTpgwgkzY reid Park


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