In Miniature


In Miniature

On View December 10 – 15, 2015

McLaurin 314 & 316

Opening Reception, December 10, 6 – 8:30 p.m.

The 3:30 Special Topics Class presents nine series, each exploring subjects ranging from loss, memory, design, and human relations, all presented as a collection of miniature sculptures and images. Each series reflects the previous works and future goals of the student artist who crafted it, and though each series has a distinct character, all are linked by the sensitivity of carefully crafted, intimate objects.

An opening reception is planned for December 10 from 6 – 8:30 p.m.  A final critique with artist Jen Ray is scheduled for December 15 at 3 p.m. Read more about each artist and their works below.


Dallas Austin

Home IV-VI

Dallas Austin’s work is heavily influenced by family life and deals with the concept of the household. His sculptures represent the home and the associations with it that are not necessarily appealing to the idea of a family as a unit; testing the line between home and household. Dallas Austin is currently a B.F.A. candidate at Winthrop University with a concentration in sculpture. After graduation he plans to pursue a career in art museum and gallery management with the mindset that with enough experience in the field he will start his own gallery. Eventually, Dallas plans to attend graduate school to earn an M.F.A. in sculpture.


Emily Furr

A Fragmented Visual Biography

Biographies give you an idea of who a person is. While Furr’s piece contains no text, it provides a unique view of a person without actually having that person present. By no means does it give you a whole person, but it does provide a fragmented visual biography.  Emily Furr is a painting and drawing artist currently based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She is a senior B.F.A. candidate at Winthrop University.


Dakota Greywolfe

Logic & Value

Six items together make a case for the concept of value being less than empirical, more personal and more of a cross-cultural superstition. Dakota Greywolfe is an interdisciplinary sculptor studying at Winthrop University. His often unsettling work, looks at relationships with the environment, the community, and the self. After earning a B.F.A., travel, writing, and making sculpture are on Greywolfe’s agenda.


Charlie Hickey

The Underneath

The Underneath is a series of jewelry pieces that are the result of mindless making. These jewelry pieces are a means of distraction from the complexities of life that Hickey finds troubling and overwhelming. While making each piece he tries to intentionally not think ahead and let his mind move his hands without much plan or design. The results are objects formed by pushing through difficulties and successful problem solving. These finished pieces have encouraged the artist to continue to push through difficulties in his own life to find beauty in the end results. Hickey is a B.F.A. candidate with a concentration in sculpture at Winthrop University.  He hopes to attend graduate school and mix disciplines however he sees fit.


Maria Mayer


Inside some of those random cardboard boxes in the attic are probably photos that have been forgotten. In this series, photos taken from the dusty attic, or a closet, are displayed once again. The memories stored within these photos are being shared. Maria Mayer is a B.F.A. candidate with a concentration in commercial photography at Winthrop University. She plans to pursue a career photographing people, products, and landscapes.


Kathryn Shaw

As I Remember

As I Remember is a series meant to return ethereal memories to the physical world based on the relating objects that still remain. Like sculpting flesh onto the bones of the deceased, the series gives a glimpse of what these objects gave to the living matter, now gone. Kathryn Shaw is a B.F.A. candidate with a concentration in sculpture at Winthrop University. Beyond continuing sculpture, she plans to pursue work in the graphic design field while continuing to write novels in the fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction genres.


Meaghan Westfall

Vitality: An Understanding

In an attempt to find a cure for death Westfall addresses the loss of individuals in her life. The permanent encasement of objects that the artist has strongly associated with individuals she has known illustrates the permanence of death and the impermanence of life and material. Shrouded in different liquids, these individuals will be healed by the nature of these elixirs. Meaghan Westfall is a B.F.A. candidate in General Studio, printmaking and sculpture, at Winthrop University. She plans on pursuing a M.F.A. after graduating and furthering her experiences by taking part in artist residencies.


Grace Windey

Intentional Inflictions

Festering to the surface, stress etches its own release. This series traces self-inflicted scars made to distract trauma through external aggravation. Needless to say, it failed to cease. Windey is pursuing a B.F.A. with a concentration in sculpture from Winthrop University. She hopes to attain an M.F.A. and open a maker’s space.


Jay Wood

Small Stages

Life is a series of interactions dependent on the context of their settings.  This series of theatrical stages explores the importance and effect of where and how we interact with our surroundings. Jay Wood is a B.F.A. candidate with a concentration in sculpture at Winthrop University.  Jay hopes to pursue a career in stage and prop design and production.



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