Winthrop M.F.A. Alumni Exhibition


Winthrop M.F.A. Alumni Exhibition

Opening reception: Saturday, April 16, 6:30 – 11 p.m.

Hart-Witzen Gallery

136 E. 36th St., Charlotte

Live Music by Tom Billotto


A group of Winthrop M.F.A. alumni have organized an exhibition featuring the work of 15 of their colleagues in an effort to celebrate the Winthrop program. Winthrop M.F.A. Alumni Exhibition will host a public reception at Hart-Witzen Gallery, 136 E. 36th St. in Charlotte, Saturday, April 16, 6:30 – 11 p.m. There will be live music by Tom Billotto.


The Fine Arts Department at Winthrop University has been a major influence in educating artists and scholars throughout the region. Graduating more than thirty M.F.A. students in the last decade, many of whom exhibit their work nationally and internationally as professional artists, the Winthrop M.F.A. community actively pursues careers as art educators, curators, creative managers, and studio artists. This exhibition features paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations.


Included in the exhibition are Charlotte Coolik, Margaret Crowley, Andrew Davis, Lee Ann Harrison, Jonathan Hoffman, Foozhan Kashkooli, Janet Lasher, Dean Mobley, Janice Mueller, Thomas Seay, James Stratakos, Caroline Rust, Jennifer Parham Gilomen, Joshua Cornwell, Elsa Turner.


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The exhibition is in memory of Paul Martyka (6/3/1950 – 2/27/2016), beloved artist and teacher at Winthrop since 1979. Please support Winthrop University’s Paul Martyka Scholarship Fund to enable future students to study the discipline he loved. The opportunity to donate to the Fund will be available at the opening night. You can also send your checks payable to Winthrop Foundation (Martyka) to:

Tom Stanley, 303 McLaurin Hall, Rock Hill, SC 29733.

FKashkooli1 MargaretCrowley3JaniceMueller2 LeeAnnHarrison3


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