Experimental Video this Spring 2017



Experimental Video this Spring 2017

21559 ARTS   483      003      3.000   Experimental Video   MW     03:30 pm-06:15 pm    12        1          Mark E Hamilton (P)

This course will explore video recording devices and editing software to experiment with video as art. The foundation of the creative projects will be based around the visual components and structure of the moving image. Some aspects of Adobe Photohop, iMovie, GarageBand, and Adobe Premiere will be taught.


Emphasis on the creation of personal projects that expand your creative portfolio and website through the use of video.


  1. Light Sources & Color Temperatures (light quality & temperature)
  2. Exposure Values (exposure and pre-visualization)
  3. Stop Motion -15 (Stop Motion Animation and Photoshop)
  4. Continuous-30 (camera movement, sequences, and the 180-rule)
  5. Still & Video-60 (editing techniques and sound basics)
  6. Personal Project Portfolio (visual interrogation within a personal theme)

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