Gallery Space Rules




Having a gallery space to exhibit your work is a privilege and that privilege can be revoked if the students continue leaving a mess for others to clean up. It is YOUR responsibility to arrange help if you cannot uninstall or clean up after yourself. This is an important part of being a serious artist. No gallery will want to work with you if you do not respect their space and hard work.


Despite our best efforts to keep the galleries neat and having asked the students to clean up and take care of the space multiple times, disrespect and negligence have continued. As a result, we have decided to set a $20 deposit for the spaces. This deposit allows you access to the space and the tools that you may check out from the graduate assistant’s office in 304 McLaurin.


IF you leave the space as you found it, remove your things in a timely manner and return all the tools, you may have the deposit back. If not, then we are keeping that money and using it to repair any damage done to the room(s). Not only will deposit not be returned but gallery privileges will be revoked for possible future shows up to a full academic year.



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