It is the 21st Century. The visual arts are alive and well. Our programs in the Department of Fine Arts instill critical and collaborative thinking. Our visual arts programs create an atmosphere and environment where engagement is a requirement for success – where the excitement about what you are doing at Winthrop is translated into a future of possibilities.

Through our B.A., B.F.A., M.A.A.E. and M.F.A. programs, the Department of Fine Arts provides challenging opportunities in areas of studio art, art history and art education. Combining practical experience, lecture and research skills, students build a foundation for a lifetime of creative and intellectual inquiry, personal growth and civic responsibility.

The degree programs within the Department of Fine Arts place a high value on students. Our students learn how to work creatively and collaboratively within their communities.

The Department of Fine Arts recognizes the need to understand the ever-changing global environment in the context of our local and immediate surroundings. As one of the most rigorous art departments in the southeast, our degree programs help prepare students for the technical, aesthetic, social and intellectual challenges of the 21st Century. Welcome to Winthrop’s Department of Fine Arts!

Creativity + Community + Collaboration = Mindset


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