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Advice for Artists….from Jerry Saltz


Jerry Saltz, an art critic for New York Magazine, shares his advice for artists….

A favorite….

“Don’t worry about getting enough sleep.  Worry about your work.”

And to our collective group of Winthrop Fine Arts students….. 

“Stay up late with each other after all the professors go to sleep.  Support one another.”



Read on…  Click on this link for Jerry Saltz’s 10 Pieces of Advice for Artists.

Another quote for your consideration:

“I’m looking for what the artist is trying to say and what he or she is actually saying, what the work reveals about society and the timeless conditions of being alive.”   —Saltz on his approach to criticism, from Sarah Thornton’s, Seven Days in the Art World. New York: W.W.  Norton & Company. 2008. (174-75)  To read more about Sarah Thornton, Click Here.

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