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We are “turning 10”, and we are back in NoDa!pk6
After our sold-out comeback event in March at the Mint Museum, we are excited to announce our landmark Vol. 10. We are also excited to be back in NoDa after nearly 4 years. Get your presentations ready to be a part of this special occasion.
What: Pecha Kucha Night Charlotte – Vol. 10
When: Thursday, August 29, 7:30 – 10:00 pm

Where: Chop Shop Noda (500 S Tryon St., 28202)

Be a Presenter!

We know you have amazing, brilliant, and wildly creative things to share – and this is your chance to do it. As always, the only limitations are 20 images, 20 seconds per image, for a total of 6 minutes 40 seconds. No other rules, except – make it extraordinary!

Why should you present?pk38

It is an opportunity:
– to share your work/ideas, your visions, express your concerns/critiques
– to challenge yourself to be concise and creative in getting your message across
– to present to a broad region-wide audience, in a casual social environment
– place yourself among the best creative talent in town
Please note: We will be limiting the total number for Vol. 10 to a maximum of 10 presentations. A panel made up of artists, designers, and architects will be selecting the final list of presenters. The selection will be based on the quality of the entries, and the originality of the theme/ideas submitted. We also try to ensure the inclusion of a really wide range of media and topics.

The deadline for sending in the final presentation package: 5:00 PM on July 31.
More info on sending your entries: www.point8.org/pechakucha/presenters/submission-guidelines
Got questions about presenting? Please ask: present.pkn@point8.org

Websites: www.point8.org/pechakuchapk22


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pknclt

Twitter: www.twitter.com/pknclt

Volume 10 of Pecha Kucha Night Charlotte is organized by Que-OS
Pecha KuchaTM is devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture

Join us for a Preview and Sale – Marge Loudon Moody’s ‘Paracosms’


1 Marge Loudon Moody Urban Instincts  2005 - 2008 Collage 2013

Spotlighting Marge Loudon Moody’s upcoming Preview, Sale, and Show…

Artist Statement:


The newest exhibition in my series of shows celebrating my 30 Year retrospective, ‘Made in America’ is entitled ‘Paracosms’ and will be at Space 1858, 1858 W Grand Street, Chicago, Illinois, opening May 10, 2013, with a reception 6:00 – 9:00p.m.

My work is inspired by the spirit of place. I make abstract acrylic paintings on canvas, collages and mixed-media pieces, which, through a rigorous process of working and reworking of composition and art elements, arrive at a harmonious expression of the essential nature of the subject.  My collage work often employs ‘found’ materials and involves layering and precise juxtaposition of line, color, shape and texture.  Life experience may be similarly layered.  At times, subject matter serves as metaphor for intangible ideas. It examines boundaries, addresses the fragility of existence, of presence, of absence, and of memory.

This show consists of several new collages on two themes – the ‘Urban Instincts’ and ‘Desert Garden’ themes as well as drawings, watercolors and mixed-media pieces from earlier years.

Preview the work before it goes to Chicago…
After Winthrop graduation on Saturday, May 4, 2013
2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
2nd floor, McLaurin Hall, Studio #249
Winthrop University

Keep up with Space 1858 and the ‘Paracosms’ opening on Facebook:  CLICK HERE



Bridget Kirkland Artist Talk Tonight at 8pm.


5X7-SMART-V2 Bridget frontCultural Credit approved, Tonight at 8pm, Bridget Kirkland, MFA general studio major will giver her artist talk in Rutledge room 119.

“Whaddya Say Jim”
90 second film, 90 photographs,
and Image ViewFinder installation

Bridget Kirkland’s body of work is titled,”Whaddya Say Jim.” For Kirkland not all memories or stories are recalled perfectly. It is here that her work begins, in a place where thoughts are patchy and stories are recreated. The stories she tells are fragmented and reveal only a glimpse into the larger narrative. Born in Philadelphia, Bridget Kirkland was raised on the lakeshore of Erie, PA. Summer art classes and a grandmother who “looked at things differently” shaped her personal outlook. Solving visual problems coupled with an innate ability to “see through the fluff” allows Kirkland to express art through fresh, clean, honest design.

The show reception is this Friday, 6:30-8pm. The show will be up in the Elizabeth Patrick Dunlap Gallery until May 5.

Graduate Students, Jon Hoffman & Janet Lasher MFA Exhibition Opening Tonight!


Graduate Students, Jon Hoffman & Janet Lasher MFA Exhibition is opening tonight in the Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery. Exhibition will run until April 15.

Janet Lasher’s Artist Talk will be Tuesday, April 9 in Rutledge 119 at 8 p.m. The title of her show is, “Unintentional Development.”

Janet Lasher, "Unintentional Development"

Janet Lasher, “Unintentional Development”

Jon Hoffman’s Artist Talk will be Thursday, April 11 at 8pm in the Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery. The title of his show is, “We’re Not Hanging That in the Living Room.”


Jon Hoffman, “We’re Not Hanging That in the Living Room.”

Our First Faculty Interview…..Dr. Laura Dufresne


Introducing our first Faculty Interview….

Dufresne Author ISBN 0-7734-1890-3We had the wonderful opportunity to interview Dr. Laura Dufresne, Winthrop University’s Professor of Art History, Coordinator of Art History Programs.  The following responses are excerpts from our in-person conversation:

Tell us about your educational background.  You have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, you served as a VISTA, you have a Specialization Certificate in Gerontology, and a PhD in Art History.  Why did you choose these areas of specialization?  Why art? 

I have an artistic past including music and painting.  My Grandfather was a sculptor.  The arts were the focus in our family.  I knew I would be working in the art or service industry.  Avoiding art critiques, I channeled my focus in the service industry and worked with older Americans and Social Services.  It is interesting:  As a senior in college, I discovered Art History and stuck with it.  Even after I graduated, I took classes at night.  I studied at 3 different colleges until I settled in Seattle to complete my Graduate Degree in Art History.

How has your educational combination helped you in your endeavors?

My educational combination helped with my art.  I used to paint older people.  I found it to be a natural affinity and a natural flow of my interests.

How important do you think it is for artists to know about Art History, and why?

I think it makes sense for artists to know about Art History because of its historical framework.  I think it depends on the student, but the framework of Art History helps art make sense.  Some students may rely heavily on the influence and dialogue of types of art.  Some students may find it to be intimidating.  I think Art History influences are exciting, but even as I say that, I want to leave a loophole for Outsider Artists.  I do think Art History is important for everyone as enrichment in any field.  Art History relates to every field – even math and economics.

What is your intrigue with the Medieval and Renaissance periods in art?  What is your intrigue with Christine de Pizan?

My upbringing is in the Catholic Church.  I found it to be a dazzling sensory experience with its sounds, smells, and sights…And the incredible stories about the lives of Saints.  I am intrigued with Christine de Pizan because she lived in the courts…she was a woman of the Late Middle Ages.  She worked within the system (of society) and still defied it.  She illustrated books – and back then, illustrations were expensive and required a royal patron.  I enjoy analyzing these images and by doing so, I create a type of revisionist history.  The illustrations were true to the message of the later periods.

In the history of women, Christine de Pizan talked about how to live in the world and what other jobs women could have…the skills they could use for others. I like uncovering these kinds of hidden gems – for example, taking a super popular person and finding their personality contradictions.  She was in a convent her last years – there she wrote her poem, The Poem of Joan of Arc.

And we hear you have a new book on Christine de Pizan, The Fifteenth-Century Illustrations of Christine De Pizan’s ‘The Book of the City of Ladies’ and ‘The Treasure of the City of Ladies.’  Congratulations!  

CLICK HERE for the Winthrop News Link

Dufresne Cover ISBN 0-7734-1890-3To order or for more information….

Mellen Press


While “googling” you, we came across your Pinterest site.  Share your favorite images from your collection.

1)   Dress lights hanging in a tree, lit up, in an absurd, magical way.

2)   Lady with big hair  {Note from interviewer:  Not sure which one Laura meant…so maybe you will find her…great collection of eye candy!  CLICK HERE}

If I asked you to tell me one place to go and one thing to do there, where and what would you suggest?

Italy!  Italy has everything…history, fruits, vegetables, historic churches, and gorgeous beaches.

Your turn to travel…You have been selected to go on an all-expenses-paid partying trip for three days with historical figures – an artist, a writer and one free choice. Who do you choose?  Where do you go?

1)    Charlotte Bronte – Writer choice because I love her writing and want to invite her, even though I don’t think she would be a good conversationalist.

2)    Simone Martini – Artist choice because he would travel and talk.

3)    Julia Margaret Cameron – Photographer/Artist is my extra choice.

We would go to Italy and rent a villa by the sea.

We heard you have an upcoming trip to Italy in May 2013.  What have you planned for this trip?   

This trip is the “Dream Child” of Paula Smith.  She is a Professor of Ceramics and Art…teaching for over 30 years.  We are taking students from CPCC and Winthrop, plus other connections from the community.  It is a full 7 days of trips with Ceramics plus Art History plus Italy!  La Meridiana is a beautiful place to stay with gourmet food.  We are also going to Certaldo to shop…where Boccaccio was born.  So many activities!  So much history!  Here is a link on the workshop and the itinerary:  CLICK HERE

If you could visit three galleries or museums right now, which ones would you choose?

Medieval Art and The Cloisters

The Vatican for Catholic Art, Classical

The Getty Villa in Malibu

What art have you purchased in the last six months?

A clay bust from an artist at Kansas City Art Institute

Name some of your favorite artists:

Nam Jun Paik, electronic world, video arts

Laurie Anderson Performance Artist

Frank Gehry – Architect

Maya Yang Lin A Popular Artist

If you had an uninhibited alter ego, what would he/she be doing?

Lounge Singer, 1940’s hits.  {Interviewer’s note:  CLICK HERE for a link on “How to be a Lounge Singer”…}

Share 3 words to describe you.

1)    Happy

2)    Curious

3)    Bossy

What makes you laugh?

Almost everything – laugh at everything.  Read How to be Happy.  Life is full of humor.

Tell us something not many people know about you (until now).

I cannot spell.  Spell-check changed my life.

Predict your future.

Traveling.  Living adventurously.  Moving toward a sunset.  Writing on blog.  I would like to write another book, perhaps from my blog.  See where the writings lead me…

at-sunset-evening-skyThank you, Dr. Dufresne, for your time and for sharing your thoughts with us.  Enjoy seeking sunsets!

Tonight at UNCC…Artist Reception for Marge Moody


Please join Marge Moody at the Artist’s Reception for her current show at UNCC.
Tonight! Details below:

“New Work: Blue Chicago Series”

March 19, 2013
5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte – Student Union Gallery
9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223

Marge Moody Exhibit

More information:



Opening Tonight: The Exquisite Corpse Project

Exquisite Corpse

Video, Music, and Reading Prompts for Art Installation

You are cordially invited

to attend the opening of

The Exquisite Corpse Project…

McLaurin Student Gallery, #316

February 14th, 2013

7:00-9:00 p.m.


Collaborative Art Project:  Grassroots Initiative in the Department of Fine Arts

Collaborative Art Project:
Grassroots Initiative in the Department of Fine Arts

Contributing Artists Include: 

Andrew Davis, Sarah Kinard, Amanda Foshag, Nadia Blackmon, Laura Haynes, Holly Johnson, Rita Fair, Tom Stanley, Sarah Cason, Julie Thompson, Paul Martyka, Lee Ann Harrison, Jon Hoffman, Sarah Gregory, Chelsea Arthur, Kaitlin Spellman, Jon Prichard, Charlotte Coolik, Sarah Scherini, Erin Mitchell, Foozhan Kashkooli, Nathan Dodds, Mark Hamilton and Seymour Simmons’ Figure Drawing ARTS 121 Class.