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Seymour Simmon’s Anthology…..It’s here! It’s here!



Seymour Simmon’s anthology…

The Heart of Art Education: Holistic Approaches to Creativity, Integration, and Transformation

Laurel H. Campbell and Seymour SimmonsThe Heart of Art Education III, Editors

Although a growing body of literature on holistic teaching and learning abounds, little has been written specifically for art educators. In the visual arts, holistic education begins with the recognition, now widely accepted, that each dimension of the individual can be educationally involved in making and/or studying art. This focus on comprehensive, or holistic, development through meaning-making is “the heart of art education.” 

This anthology showcases an array of philosophies, methods, and lessons learned as teachers strive to meet the holistic needs of children and young adults. Focusing on meaning-making in the art room by viewing and critiquing art from other cultures, fostering harmonious relationships with nature, and examining transformative and integrated learning techniques, this volume provides insights for educators at all levels—from PreK-12 teachers, to university faculty, to researchers, community art center personnel, and museum educators.

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Congratulations, Seymour!